Team Entry


Do you have 10 or more people in your social group, sporting/fitness club, or workplace?

Enter a team in the Jetty 2 Jetty and receive the following fantastic team perks:

  • 10% discount when entered prior to 2nd May (a refund for the discount will be processed when you reach 10 people in your team)
  • Generate awareness for your group or company
  • Fundraise for your chosen Cause or Charity
  • Potential to win some awesome prizes
  • Work together as a team to reach your fitness goals and have some fun
  • Winners will be listed in the post-race eNews

Team Prizes

There are some great prizes for Teams up for grabs for the following categories:


Best team spirit – Does your team have spirit? Show us and win! Team spirit will be judged on the team’s outfits and enthusiasm


Largest team – The team with the most members will win! It’s that simple.


Random prize draw – By simply entering a team, you could win some great prizes in the random prize draw conducted on the day!


Most KMs travelled – Add up the distance each runner has run in your team, and the team with the largest number of KM’s travelled – will win!


How to Create & Join a team

  • First thing’s first – decide who your Team Captain will be – this is the person who can then set up and manage the team.
  • Team Captain – Your job is to create the team. To do this you must register yourself into the Jetty 2 Jetty. Just hit the register button and follow the prompts.
  • During your registration process there will be the question “Do you wish to create or join a team?” Just follow the prompts from here to create your team with a name of your choosing and also create a password for your team members
  • Complete your registration as normal and check out. Team creation done!
  • Now let your team members know the name and password for the team. When they start their own registration they can select to join a team when they come to the relevant question. At this point select yes to join a team and type the name of the team in the relevant field. The team name should appear as an option in a drop down menu. Members need to select the team, enter the password, and finish the rest of the registration as normal. Team member entry done!

The Team Captain will be notified of any additions to the team and can manage the team via their account (created when their registration was completed) to view the event and the current list of team members.


If the Team Captain has already completed their own registration and didn’t set up a team at that time, just drop an email to with the name of the team and password for it, and our Registrations team will set it up for you behind the scenes.


If there are any changes the Team Captain needs to make that can’t be done via  the team management option on, please send an email to and we’ll help with those changes.


Team members can run in any of the races so don’t worry about everyone all having to be in the same race for team purposes.


Remember, the Team Discount special ends May 2nd, 2017. When your team reaches 10 or more members you will receive a 10% discount on all entry fees. This discount will be applied and refunded to the credit card used to purchase entry in the first fortnight after May 2, 2017.